Apparel Solutions USA

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Mission Statement


Apparel Solutions International Inc. and Apparel Solutions USA are committed to safety. Our mission is to elevate our customers’ safety clothing and PPE programs to the highest possible safety, performance and value levels.

Core Values

At Apparel Solutions International Inc, we believe in:

  • Integrity – Striving to always be our word. Producing and delivering what and when we said  we would. We endeavor to always operate with business ethics, fully warranty our products  and treat all our clients and each other with respect and integrity.
  •  Innovation – A commitment to search and research the market and the world to find the best  In safety products and bring those results to our customers, allowing them to elevate their  safety programs to the safest levels possible. We are forward-thinking, open minded and  inquisitive to find new products and technology.
  • Expertise – Promoting high standards, educating and being transparent. We have powerful  people in our organization that continue to learn and share their knowledge. We take on all  challenges – believing that solutions are possible and available.
  • People – Our staff are dedicated to these core values. We are all driven by a commitment to  safety. Leadership and empowerment are the keys to our continuous commitment. Several  years of experience and accomplishment from the senior management are the foundation for  new people in the organization to learn from.
  • Commitment – Fulfilling our promise to be responsible and accountable. We always listen to  our customers. We are committed to providing safety, quality, leading-edge technology and  value.
  • Teamwork – Empowerment and respect is at the core of a pleasant work environment. Our  goal is to create positive energy and have that translate to a high performance work   environment.
  • Accountability – As an ISO registered company we promote feedback and contribution from  customers, suppliers and industry. Every component in our products are thoroughly tested  and must meet standards before we would use them.